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Cross Country Run Team
by Mrs. S. Zryd - Friday, 20 September 2013, 10:35 AM

Dear Runners and Drivers,

Congratulations on completing your first run! Here is some information about our four upcoming runs. Thanks for letting me know who was not going home with you on Wednesday. Everyone was accounted for and this made for a stress free evening for me.

Today – Billy Goat Run

Start time is 1:15 for the race. We will want to be there and ready to go at 1:00. There is a warm up usually before the race. Grades 3 & 4 (1.7 km) will go first. It is a hilly run with some loose gravel. Please check your shoe laces before you start. Grades 5-7 (2.4 km) will start from the park. The finish is back at the school.

RLC Run – September 25th

Suggestion: Park at Todd Park there is limited parking near the school. There is no parking on Highridge Drive. We will meet on the RLC field at 3:15. The first races start at 3:30 (grade 7 boys and grade 4 boys). The last start times are 4:07 (grade 5 girls). The grade 3 & 4 course is 1.4km and hilly. The grade 5-7 course is 2.2 km and hilly.

Arthur Stevenson Run – October 2nd

Place: Westsyde Centennial Park. The first race is grade 3 at 3:25 so we should all be there by 3:15. The last run starts at 4:25 (grade 7). The students start and finish at the same place and run on the trail along the river.

Dallas Elementary School Run- October 9th

We will meet at Dallas School at 3:00 pm. The grade 3 & 4 course is 1.5 km and the grade 5-7 course is 2.4 km. The first runs start at 3:15 with grade 7 boys. The last runners will be grade 5 girls at 4:45pm.

Your goal is to try and beat your placing in your previous runs. If you came in 99th you should try to come in 98th or better. If you were in the top 10 – good for you- try to stay there. The runs are not about who is the best runner, but are about getting out in the fresh air, working on your personal fitness, as well as being a great Aberdeen student who encourages everyone on our team.

Good luck! Do you best! Have fun!