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A Great Beginning!

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A Great Beginning!
by Mrs. S. Zryd - Wednesday, 24 September 2014, 12:00 PM

First Week Clan Group Start up- Welcome Back!


Background:  The Purpose of the Program


The  Clan Group start up plan was adopted so that we could:


a)      Introduce all of our students to our Code of Conduct (R&R) in the first week. As well, it provides leadership opportunities for our older students. When the whole school is taught the school-wide expectations in the first week, there are fewer misunderstandings and problems throughout the year. This in turn allows classroom teachers to focus on academic studies.

b)      Help our students all feel welcome to the school.  This is done by keeping older and younger students together for the first week, and by having a number of school spirit building activities.

c)      Minimize disruptions caused by changes in our student population over the summer.  We have a number of new students arriving this September, and we may need to request an additional teacher. If we put children into regular classes for the first week then receive a new teacher, most students would have to move classrooms. This always has the potential to upset students, and it can make for a bad start.

d)     Help students develop friendships across our school.

e)      Introduce our students to all of our staff in the first week.

f)       Build a strong community spirit into our school.