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Salute to the Sokeye!

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Salute to the Sokeye!
by Mrs. S. Zryd - Wednesday, 1 October 2014, 11:41 AM

Thank you to our PAC for supporting our full school field trip next week! They have covered the transportation cost for our children to go and see the salmon run.




Our first field trip of the year will be to Adams River Salmon Run Oct. 8th.

Please return the permission form by October 6th. We will require some parent supervisors for this trip. If you are available, please let your child's teacher know.

Please remember:

  1. All students should bring a lunch and snack, including a drink.

  2. Warm clothing is recommended. It is easier to take layers off than to try to find extra clothing. Girls should wear slacks or jeans, all students need proper shoes, rainwear is advisable if the weather looks threatening.

  3. Students may bring cameras if they wish but the camera is the sole responsibility of the student. Students should not bring any other electronic devices (game-boys, walkmans etc..)

  4. Kleenex/handerchiefs may well be needed by many in the cool, damp environment along the river.

  5. Backpacks are recommended to help students keep their belongings together (food, clothing)

  6. Students will be assigned to small groups under the direct supervision of a parent or teacher. Groups will be asked to stay together and students and parents are reminded that all school rules apply. Parent supervisors are asked to follow all instructions given by the teacher.

  7. All school events are non-smoking

  8. Walk, do not litter. Absolutely no throwing rocks into the water. Stay with your parent/teacher you are assigned to.


A big thank-you to our PAC for sponsoring this trip!

Thank-you for your continued support.