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Big Little Science Centre News
by Mrs. S. Zryd - Monday, 25 May 2015, 8:25 AM


BIG Little Science Centre has lots of fun and amazing science activities happening in the next few weeks. A full list is attached in pdf form and below in this email. Please help to share this information with everyone you know. We look forward to seeing you here as well!


This week, Thursday May 28 at 7pm, we have the next speaker in our FREE evening speaker series for older students and adults. Dr. Ann Cheeptham will discuss White Nose Syndrome in Bats. Discover what it is, why it is a problem and what is being done about it! And find out if we have it in Western Canada’s Caves and what people in the caving community are doing to help keep it away.


Continuing with the free evening speaker series, Julie Schooling will speak Wednesday June 17 at 7pm, about landscaping with trees and how much water they direct from their leaves to the ground and where.


And of course along with being open Tuesday to Saturday 10 to 4 with the hands on Exploration Room (with over 140 different exhibits to try out), we have loads of Saturday special activities every week, starting with BUBBLES, all day long Saturday May 30 from 10 to 4.