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Grade 4 & 7 students will be writing the FSA tests.

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Grade 4 & 7 students will be writing the FSA tests.
by Mrs. S. Zryd - Monday, 11 January 2016, 11:02 AM

During the last week in January our students will be writing their FSA tests. If you are interested in looking at the sample tests you may use this link:

Students may practice at home with you.

Each year, students in grades 4 and 7 are administered Foundation Skills Assessments.  Below, please find information regarding the assessments and how they are administered in our District. 

The Foundation Skills Assessment is administered each year to Grade 4 and 7 students in all public and provincially funded private schools in British Columbia. The assessment provides a snapshot of how well student achievement in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Numeracy.  Results of the assessment are used at the provincial, district, and school levels to plan for continued improvement in student achievement.  The skills tested are linked to the provincial curriculum and student performance is measured against provincial performance standards. 


The FSA is designed and developed in BC under the guidance of the Ministry of Education using professional test-making processes and protocols.  The ministry employs teams of practicing BC teachers and subject specialists, led by test-design specialists, to develop the assessments. 


The Student Learning Assessment Order (School Act, sections 81 and 168) provides the legislative authority that mandates administration of the FSA to all Grade 4 and Grade 7 students.  All students are expected to write the FSA.  Principals and teachers do not have the authority to excuse students from participation unless they meet specific criteria (for example being on modified IEP or having a medical disability). Students who are in attendance during the testing period are expected to participate in the assessment.  Students who do not participate in the FSA will be reported as “Performance Level Unknown”.


The FSA takes approximately 270 minutes (4.5 hours) to administer, spread over three or four days.  Students will respond to multiple-choice sections of the 2016 FSA online, and will respond to written answer questions on paper.  All written questions for the 2016 FSA will be scored at the district level by district teachers.


In School District 73, schools will administer the FSA between January 18th and February 12th.  Parents will receive their child’s test booklet and with his/her assessment summary by the end of April.  School reports will be ready before the end of the school year.


Further information can be found through the Ministry of Education Website  ( ) or by contacting your child’s teacher or myself at the school office. 


Respectfully yours,


Mrs. S.  Zryd