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Epicure Fundraiser

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Epicure Fundraiser
by Stacey Flynn - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 8:34 AM

What is Epicure?

Celebrating 20 years of clean, healthy meal solutions for you and your family!  A BC based company that offers families across Canada time saving, cost effective, nutritious meal id-as from raw to ready in under 20 minutes.  Perfect for those busy week nights when you're racing from one commitment to the next!  Epicure's products are triple tested Gluten Free and Nut Free.  They have an amazing "NEVER-EVER" list of commonly found food additives that they have committed to never using in their products. 

How does the fundraiser work?

*View the catalogue and place your order online:

*Collect orders from friends and family.  Orders can be taken from anywhere in Canada and all orders will be direct shipped to your door or any address you choose. (work, family friends, etc.)

*Place your order by Sunday, November 5th, 2017

If you have ANY questions or need help with your order please contact our Independent Epicure Consultant, Stacey Lumley by phone.text at 250-819-4079 or email at