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Operation Pay it Forward

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Operation Pay it Forward
by Sally Zryd - Friday, 24 November 2017, 1:55 PM

This message is from Adam and Brooklyn

Just imagine if you were struggling with life's problems and you saw no hope in sight. During the cold winter season, when it's -1 to -30 degrees with nothing to keep you warm, no one to help or cheer you up, or even love you.

There is still hope. We need you and everyone in Aberdeen to help complete this operation. You are working with the students who have recently gone to Me to We. We are taking action to make a change in this world.

Please send in items such as on the list below. There is a box in each classroom with a poster listing items that are needed.

One of the most important steps to Operation Pay it Forward will be creating caring cards that will cheer up the hearts of people in need. Our students are goign to help with this.

This operation will take place from November 27th to December 8th. Now it's time for you to take part in Operation Pay it Forward. This message comes from the grade 7 Me to We team.

- Toothpaste - Dental floss - Lip balm - chocolates
-candies - socks - gloves/mitts - scarves
-hats -shampoo/soap -hot choc packs -washcloths
-hand towels -pocket tissues - disposable razors -baby wipes
-underwear-long/short -band aids, 1st aid cream -vitamins
-other small items -clothing, coats, footwear, backpacks, blankets, sleeping bags