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Please review with your child. Thanks!

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Please review with your child. Thanks!
by Sally Zryd - Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 12:26 PM

Cell Phones and Devices 

Student cell phone use at Aberdeen may be permitted during school hours only with the expressly authorized permission and supervision of school staff. Students are responsible for the storage, safety, and use of their devices. The school accepts no responsibility for theft or damage that may occur to personal devices brought to school. 

Students are not permitted to access social media at school; nor are they permitted to store or share personal information and images, unless for educational purposes as directed by a teacher. 

Students must use our school devices in a respectful, responsible, and ethical manner, otherwise they will lose this privilege. Students who damage school devices may be required to incur costs of repair or replacement. 

Please review the internet usage form on the School District website signed by parents and guardians at the beginning of the school year: Policy 403.2 - “Technology: Student Acceptable Use – Elementary & Middle Schools”. Please remember that access to District information technology resources is a privilege, not a right.