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Zone Track Meet

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Zone Track Meet
by Stacey Flynn - Thursday, 3 May 2018, 11:43 AM

Our School Zone Track meet will be held at Hillside stadium on May 9th.  Please dress according to the weather.  The schedule is attached. 

There will be "cash only" concession on site. 

Pizza by the slice       $3.50  Cheese, Ham and Pineapple or Pepperoni
Hamburgers               $4.00
Hotdogs                  $3.50
Water or Pop             $1.50
Hot chocolate and Coffee $2.00
Gatorade                 $3.50
Muffins                  $2.50
Fruit (Bananas, apples or orange)  1.00
Candy bags or Freezies   1.50
chips                    1.25