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Personal Awareness and Responsbility

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Personal Awareness and Responsbility
by Stacey Flynn - Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 12:03 PM

As teachers and support staff we have been busy introducing and reviewing class and school-wide expectations. Cooler and wetter weather is just around the corner; in an effort to keep our floors safe and dry, foster student independence, and ensure student safety, we need your help.

We are working to implement the Redesigned Curriculum. One component of the Personal Awareness and Responsibility competency is to develop independence. Students need to be able to come into the school with their materials, place belongings in their lockers along with jackets, take off their outdoor shoes or boots, put on their inside shoes, and hang up their backpacks on their own. We understand that parents want to help, but it is important for children to work through their morning and afternoon routines independently, and learn to be accountable and prepared for their day at school. Our students know the expectations and teachers are here to help.

We request that all parents say goodbye to their children outside the appropriate entrance doors in the morning. At the end of the day, we would like parents to wait outside the appropriate entrance doors, while the students finish their end-of-day routines with their teachers. Parents, toddlers and strollers occupying the hallways, and bringing in water and mud from outside, cause the floors to become slippery and difficult to clean. This procedure also ensures safety for our students, as we become unaware of who is a parent and who could possibly be a threat. Teachers are more than happy to meet with parents to discuss student progress, but please try to make appointments with teachers in advance so they are available to meet.

Adults who are here before 2:30 must enter the front doors and sign in at the office as a visitor, after the bell rings you may go to the student's classroom. Please remember: our library is also a classroom and our hallways echo so please remain at the front of the school quietly until the bell rings and students are dismissed.

Please share this information with older siblings, daycare providers, grandma, grandpa etc. so that everyone is on board.