Virtual Reality Storytelling

Posted On Tuesday January 21, 2020

What do a pit-house, a basketball game featuring LeBron James, a restaurant in Pakistan, and the wilds of the Amazon forest have in common? 
These are only a few of the topics chosen by Grade 4 students at Bert Edwards School of Technology for a virtual reality tour-building project this month. 

For example, student Ella Payne is working on a story about Tuatara reptiles.  

 “They are the closest relative to dinosaurs,” said Ella. “All reptiles are related to dinosaurs, but these are the closest living things.”

The students are using Google Maps to travel anywhere in the world, choose scenes from that place to build a story, and record their voices to narrate that story. Next, they work with a 360-degree camera to incorporate local context to some stories as they put all the pieces together to create a guided virtual tour. 

“The thing about working with these kids, is they are fearless when it comes to technology,” said teacher Justin Hummel. “My hope is that they are going to be able to create the tour they desire, add the voice to it, add information bulletins, share the link, and then actually be able to view it as a virtual reality tour.”

The project was launched by one of SD73’s Tech Mentor team, six experienced teachers training with Technology Coordinator Elizabeth DeVries.  Their workshops support different areas where technology can be incorporated to help students produce exciting new products, collect evidence of their learning, and share their ideas and knowledge in new ways.  The Tech Mentor team travel across the district, upon teacher request, to support other teachers in their classrooms and schools as they take on new technology opportunities with their students and pursue exciting projects like this one. 

Teachers across SD73 are encouraging students to think about the process of their learning and how they can communicate their learning to new audiences.  Technology is one way that some classrooms are able to build digital skills and global awareness while students are connecting with one another, thinking creatively, and then expressing their ideas to the world. 

Anyone with questions about booking this learning for their classroom or interested in other opportunities to have their students build digital skills is encouraged to email Elizabeth,

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